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Manager: led 7 account managers.

B2B Sales and Training

Role Design

Customer service script authoring and training

Graduate School for Leadership

Management is role differentiation which is then integrated in service of a larger vision and goals to reach that vision.

I think the big step for any effective manager is to decouple roles and people. People are not their roles, and roles are not people. This allows for a big increase in effectiveness, as roles can now be allotted the proper amount of time to be executed properly, whether a role requires 2 hours a week or 15 people x 40 hours a week. New requirements in the marketplace can alter a role, and the people who best serve that role might be different than previously. Opportunities can open up for people who are looking for larger roles.

This also allows for the manager to more easily stay human and stay connected with the folks he or she manages.


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